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down and dirty at your place since 2010

Getting down and dirty at your place is what we do.

Cheeky tagline, serious business.

We have a rich history serving animals. Our small team humbly touts experience in veterinary clinics, an immeasurable amount of dog rescue volunteer work, over a decade of dog grooming, and are actively serving on the board with Citizens for Animal Protection. Of course, we are all lifetime pet guardians, too.

When there’s dirty work to get done, we’ve had Houston’s pets covered since 2010. We consider quality care an ever changing endeavor and unique for each household. 

Our constant itch for do-goodery makes taking care of Houston’s littles our ultimate happy place.

Let us know how we can help you and yours!


Contact us to schedule your in-person consultation.
Let’s curate the best game plan for your family.

A very serious note: In this post-pandemic world, it’s important not to forget that our pets have been lovingly by our sides while we were all stuck at home. Some of our new family members may not even know a life without us! While humans navigate to incorporate more time away from home, evaluate the toll that may take on your companion. Consider investing in enriching activities while taking time to find a new balance. We’re here to help.

Walking & Daycations

 Back in the office? Have a busy day?
Let us step in while you’re out.

You may have been on the hunt for a dog walker but you’ve found so much more. We love accommodating different ages, abilities, and personalities.

Let’s discover the most rewarding stimulation that encourages your pet to thrive. We create real relationships and play to their strengths. Our hearts melt when our clients become our best friends!

Most of our clients create a monthly game plan. Mix and match any of our services or we can think of something new together!

There are no limits to the kinds of fun we can provide your pet. Our listed services are only the most common fulfillments.

Dog Walking

It’s business time, my little dudes!

Leash up for a half hour of neighborhood exploration and your babe will return home panting, pooped, and pleased.

Now serving:
77091, 77092, & portions of 77055, 77018

Weekday starting rate: $35

Availability & rates for weekends & after hours vary

Homebody Hangtime

Party at your place!

Your pet may have everything they need to be their happiest self right at home! It’s game on for backyard ball throwing, couch cuddles, basic enrichment games, or tricks for treats. Quality time is always a good time during our 30 minute visits to check in on your little one.

Starting rate: $35

Stroller Coaster Rides

All aboard!

We won’t let anything that ails our little ones get in the way of their adventurous spirits. Senior and special needs dogs can still feel the wind in their fur while riding high in our cozy stroller.

Whether post-surgery, getting up in years, or a subject to a chronic condition, we can be the legs for your babe.

Starting rate: $35

Travel Adventures

Let’s get outta here!

One thing separates us from the plethora of Houston’s surrounding state and national parks: a car ride! Allow your dog the opportunity to escape from monotony and stimulate all the senses by experiencing new scenery and terrain!

Requirements: Athletic assessment + current on parasitic prevention & vaccines

Starting rate: $66


Wanna make a new friend?

Matchmaking is so much more than a date for your dog. Socialization is a muscle that needs flexing and having friends can truly invigorate your dog’s life. The right combination of playmates invites a dog to build confidence, can assist in learning social cues, and helps to shape a well rounded and well behaved sidekick.

Starting rate: $66


Got travel plans and can’t bring the pup?
We’d be so excited to stay with them!

Staycations are always a blast and never boring on our watch. Peace of mind is guaranteed when babes remain in the comfort of their own home.

Included perks:
Two daily walks
Overnight snuggles and care
Maintaining your pet’s daily routine
Discounted daycation add-ons for all the fun!
We can also gather mail, water plants, take out trash, etc.
Side note: Kristen is trained in muay thai so your pet is basically always protected cool

Starting rate $150 per day

Medical Grooming

At this time, we are only providing medical grooming services in conjunction with your veterinarian’s prescribed regimen.

If your dog has been diagnosed with a condition that requires a rigorous treatment plan, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. From skin infections to wound maintenance – we’ll work with you and your vet to do whatever it takes to get your little one’s health back in order.

While we loved fluffing up pups since 2010, we retired our original house-call grooming in 2021 and refocused efforts back to our roots to help heal the needy babes.
Details here.

Packages start at $250

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Member of:

Human Animal Bond Association

Currently pursuing Fear Free certification.

Ask us about our ongoing continuing education! We love chats about the latest topics in the pet industry and strive to further our growth to ensure we are providing the best care possible.

Client Testimonials

Shaggy Chic has been life changing for my pups! Finding friends and family to watch my babes whenever I would go out of town was a struggle. I didn’t like the idea of shuffling dog walkers because how could I trust that process?

Boarding was costing me a lot and I had no real idea of how my dogs were doing in my absence, they would have good report cards but seemed so stressed every time I dropped them off and picked them up.

I needed a friendly, professional, experienced person that I trusted and who understood my dogs. Someone who would show them genuine love while I was away so I didn’t have to worry about them missing me too much. (And if said person could have sleepovers with them, even better!)

Kristen has gone above and beyond for Pep and Flynn. She is my go-to person for them and they LOVE her. They both have their “isms” but she knows every single one and how to handle them. Not to mention, she’s helped them make new friends (this has helped Flynn’s social skills so much) and learned new tricks! She has been flexible with me even when she has a packed schedule, which is not only considerate but also impressive.

This is truly a match made in doggy heaven, I am immensely grateful.

- Rachel with Pep & Flynn

Kristen goes above and beyond in the services she provides. The love and care she provides my pets daily is immeasurable. Watching Kristen work with animals is seeing someone do exactly what they are meant to do. Not only does she provide daily walking services, grooming, and boarding, she also offers training, dietary suggestions depending on the breed, keeps track of medications or health needs they may have, as well as provides daily updates on their wellbeing. I look forward to the pictures, videos, and updates each day while I am at work. Kristen is extremely attentive to my pets happiness and health above anything else.

Over the past 3 years Kristen has become like family and to not have her with my pets everyday would have a major impact on their happiness and well being. I am beyond thankful to have her everyday for my pets care and anyone who chooses her services will not be disappointed!

- Julie with Puppy & Parker

Where to begin on why we love Shaggy Chic?! Kristen is absolute sunshine and our dogs are OBSESSED with her!! Her understanding of their psychology enriches every service she offers and you know she just loves your dog(s) and all the little quirks that go with them! She has such a gift and contagious passion for this business and always goes well above and beyond to promote and educate on your pups’ wellness for all stages of life. The level of knowledge and commitment to clients is unmatched — she’s the best friend for your best friend to have!

- Jenna with Rigby & the late Lucy

All I need do, is mention Kristen’s name and my pups jump to attention and are ready to go. They know and love her, despite the tortuous hairdo my Bedlington requires, that she does so well. She is also amazing at pairing friends and groups of pups that inevitably have great fun together. Her kind, gentle and playful attention is reflected in the pup’s reactions. She is a superwoman of the canine world! My pups are especially happy when the blue bag comes out. It goes with them for sleepovers. The only problem is they don’t always want to come home. Kristen finds every park and vacant landscape in town to take them gallivanting, often with friends she has found for them. It would be hard to compete with the pleasure and happiness she provides.

- Patricia with Minnie & Dannie

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