Answers to common curiosities.

How do I book an appointment?

If you’re an established client, visit your PetPocketBook profile to request any Walking or Daycation appointments.

If you’re a newbie – hey, hi! Visit our Contact page and we’ll holler within 48 hours. Before we step foot into your home for any appointment type, consultations included, you will need a PetPocketBook profile and required permissions signed. For liability reasons, we do not enter homes without signed documents.

Most Walking & Daycation appointments are booked in windows. For instance, the most common request of midday weekday walking services will be provided a window of arrival time between 11am and 2pm. Depending upon your location and any other details we discuss during your consultation, we can further customize your pet’s game plan.

We ask that Boarding & Staycation inquiries are messaged to us with much advance notice as possible. Normally, we send quarterly reminders via the client portal BUT 2023 is nutty so we are asking for all inquiries to be sent as SOON as you have them. We have several spans of unavailable dates already.

What are your hours of operation?

Generally, we advertise hours of operation as 9am until 5pm. However, we very often can accommodate requests at all hours with enough advance notice.

Where is your service area?

We currently have a limited service area that includes the following zip codes: 77091, 77092, and portions of 77055, 77018, 77008, 77009. And growing!

With enough advance notice, we may be able to accommodate a wider service area for Boarding & Staycation requests on a case by case basis. Medical Grooming requests may also allow for a wider range.

Do you have holiday rates?

Yes. Holiday rates apply on all major US holidays. Check em out in each service category on the Pricing + Details page.

Why do other booking fees or additional charges exist and what are they?

We proudly enjoy coordinating an intricate calendar to accommodate a variety services for clients and their pets all over Houston. We respect your schedule and ask that our time be respected, as well. Drive time is a major aspect of our day-to-day and routes are planned in advance.

We run a tight ship! Requests for Walking & Daycation services made within 48 hours will incur a last minute booking fee. Requests for Boarding & Staycation services made within two weeks will also incur a last minute booking fee. Trip charges do apply for requests that can be accommodated outside of our service area. Additional charges may also occur in other circumstances based on service length, and/or type, and/or time of service if outside of normal operating hours. Please see the Pricing + Details page for further details.

In very rare and unlikely scenarios where unplanned additional time must be spent, a $100/hour charge will be billed. For instance, this may apply if your pet has spewed an ungodly amount of diarrhea in your home while you are out and you’d like us to clean it. We are very much up for this task. Yes, this has happened before. And yes, we’d LOVE to tell you the hilarious and horrendous story.

What methods of payment do you accept and are there any fees?

We accept credit cards via PetPocketBook and the platform charges a 5% fee per transaction. Cash, check, Venmo, or Zelle are also good. Oh, and yes, you can slip us some crypto if you’re into that.

How do I know which service is right for my dog?

In order to align the best service options, your pet will be subject to a personality, temperament, and/or athletic assessment where necessary. If they pass the requirements, they will be all clear to proceed with our selected game plan. We aim to play to your pet’s strengths, to acknowledge and respect their comfort zones, and encourage growth and mitigate new obstacles when appropriate. During our consultation, we’ll work out the best game plan based on our discussion. After spending time with your pet, we may suggest tweaks to game plans. For instance, a shy dog that has gained confidence may be welcome to engage in matchmaking after exhibiting changes in behavior. We also choose to reserve the right to refuse a selected service in circumstances where health, safety, or other reasons may be a concern.

Do you offer training?

No. Not exactly. We are not certified trainers. However, we can work with you to achieve goals together. We offer supplemental training along with your regular professional dog trainer. We can join your dog training sessions and assist in integrating any changes you are making with your pet. We will always point you in the best direction. If we find their behavior could use the touch of a professional trainer, we can put you in contact with the right fit.

In some cases, such as with new puppies that may not be fully vaccinated, we can help with learning basic cues in order to prepare them for walking services. And yes, we highly recommend scheduling in-home visits before your pup has had all of their vaccines.

Are you insured?

Yes. We are insured and bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolinas through our membership with Pet Sitters International. The policy is available to view upon request. 

What grooming services can you offer?

The relaunch in October 2021 reflects a massive change from our original full service grooming and embraces our roots! Medical grooming is now the exception for new clients with your veterinarian’s orders.

Established clients and VIPs have access to limited hygienic focused grooming services. Additional bathing and touch ups can be provided for select clients during Boarding & Staycation services. Oh, those pictures you may catch on instagram of a freshly groomed cutie? A few select old school clients that go wayyy back have been grandfathered in and do still receive full service grooming. It breaks my back but I love them.

All services are on a case by case basis.

Why don’t you offer your full service in-home grooming anymore?

I’m retired! I had to make the call for my overall health to eliminate the service as part of daily operations. The physical workload of daily grooming that once previously consumed my schedule was taxing and arduous. It is truly backbreaking work and this old lady had to bow out! Maybe the combination of martial arts had a hand in it, too. There are groomers with decades-long careers in the industry and they deserve a massive standing ovation. Tip your groomers, y’all.